Around the World in Technicolor

By | June 13, 2013

Last week, go to the store Bensimon for a private sale with the key to a nice shooting and especially shopping.

What a joy to discover a colorful world with shoes that can change depending on the style of dress, his desires and his mood. Here are some pictures to give you a little Technicolor your day.


Discover the shop Bensimon beside Artazart bookstore, where the welcome is warm and smiling!

83 quai de Valmy 75010 Paris / Shop Online

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Bicha (R) t

By | June 8, 2013

Stroll in my favorite neighborhood ... the 10th. It is full of corners, shops, cafes atypical. The rue Bichat has a very original graffiti by artist Chanoir. His work includes the codes of traditional graffiti, urban daily and offers a colorful patchwork street illustrations childish. Certain area of ​​the fresco made me think of another graphic style, that of "Nail Art".

The mix of colors, gradients, pointillism, without forgetting the crackle effect ... Everything is there for a graffiti from head to toe! Here are some pictures of the blog Pshiiit and the mural.



Video 3


Video 1


Video 2

Pshiiit is a blog / concept store you can follow over articles tutorials, tests polish, tips and tricks and especially to have the opportunity to buy varnishes that are not sold in stores. For my part I love this blog for the combination of colors and shapes manicures, I think I could buy a full set of nail just to admire the colorful range!

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My Dad is a Dandy

By | June 3, 2013

June 16 will be Father's Day and every year it's the same thing, what do we offer him? For those of you who want to go in advance where would be a boost, here is a selection of giftware. There is something for all styles.

Layout Leon Flame Bags Leon Flam for dads and about. (Bag # 1 "48h Southern Cross" - € 420)

Layout cinnabar

Bowties Cinnabar For dads who like to have class! (Chez Colette 85 € and 110 €)

Layout 2 Persol

Sunglasses Persol 714 model, edition Steve McQueen for dads Dandy (Price: NC)

Layout T-Shirt

T-Shirt For Kid Play by BKY for dads Cakes (On Etsy - € 17.33)

I had a crush on the history of the brand Leon Flam was a French porter during the 20s, at the time of airmail aviation. It is the curiosity of his small son (Guillaume Gibault) who revived the brand in 2010. The bags come in series whose names are references to the history of aviation (the bag "21h" is named after the time set Mermoz had to cross the Atlantic). Each bag is unique, numbered and manufactured craft. What a pity there is not a collection for women, there were aviators in the 20s!

Second favorite, the Persol 714 ... well I have more a crush on the actor who wears them. Steve McQueen charisma, a man, a real one!

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By | May 24, 2013

You're tired of the mixed weather, you need to escape, heat, beach, tropicana ... Happy Milk offers a selection of objects to warm up and think about your next vacation.

Tropicana selection

. 1 Board Globe - Bantam Green Kona> € 99 /

Watch Konomo 2 -. Wizard-Print Series Bora Bora> € 79.53 /

3. Vans x Kenzo Spring-Summer 2013> € 90 /

4 Circle Magazine # 1 -. Conversations and images on the theme of forest> 18 € / Available from your newsagent.

5 Eastpak Backpack - Padded Pak'r overexpose> € 55 /.

6 Tray designed by Depeapa -. Trees Tea Tray <30 € /

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Sweat is chic!

By | May 15, 2013

When we were little, we all have at least worn a sweatshirt White Blue, Champion or Schott synonymous Day EPS to school, physical activity Wednesday afternoon or day without dress inspiration. The good old sweatshirt blanket, sometimes pierced, was often attached to the redneck image of a guy rubbing his crotch in front of the TV on a Sunday (well it is true, there is also the super orange sweatshirt known Vanessa paradise in the clip Joe le Taxi ...). Hunt now your mind all these pictures of 80-90 years, as the sweat became THE centerpiece to have for a trendy dressing.
Yes, in 2013 the sweat is chic!
For my part, I never really flashed on this type of dud, except when, in good to high American images child, I dreamed of owning one of these t-shirts branded name of a famous university to as Heroes TV series. To be honest, I have heard my wish lorque I went to New York in 2005 and I bought a sweatshirt Jansport marked "Columbia University" campus in the shop!
columbia-JanSport All trademarks, and I mean all, have provided at least one flagship sweat in their collection for this year, Kenzo (of course, that one can not miss!) Zara, Topshop, H & M, Sandro, Isabel Marant ..... Some of these pieces literally tear everywhere and are Sold Out in a few days, or hours (Sweat Tiger Kenzo). So I am become all dippy and it made me so turned her head that I fell for full copies. Here is a small sample below.

Pray for me, there are others who still want me!

h & m-aztec-situ H & M-aztec THE sweat Aztec motif of the season at H & M. When I decided I liked it, it was obviously found, and yet, a friend has found me in a small shop of the sign outside the Paris region, see.
DBA-sincerelyjules Sweat the U.S. blogger Sincerely Jules (I want to be her when I grow up, I looove her Californian style!). Good too, I had to wait a bit, because obviously Sold out otherwise, it's not funny.
BWGH-web BWGH One, it is super hype, sold Citadium and Colette, the small brand that rises Brooklyn We Go Hard (they are French, as their name suggests ... not!). Basically, these are just models Man, but which have become unisex very quickly saw the success!
unboxing-kenzo Tiger Fever mozaic-kenzo We saved the best for last, the coveted Kenzo, who toured the world of web and sparked tears and frustrations huge in the shops by poor so successful! I have my name on a waiting list, though! But hey, it's mine, I love it. It's like a work of art representative of an era (yes this is to justify the price that I can spend zic!)

There is also the sweat "The Great" of Sezane brand that makes me the eye (gray and white)

Here I leave you there, do not tell me thank you. You also fever sweat will save you.

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By | March 8, 2013

I discovered the Japanese shop Yodoya by chance when I went Boulevard Beaumarchais. I was warmly greeted by a small woman who was in the process of unpacking boxes straight from Japan. This shop reminds me of a family home which accumulates atypical and typical Japanese objects.


Ando Miyako has long worked for Kenzo, she loves textiles and traditional paper (cardboard and origami). One can also find sumptuous kimonos, bags, pouches and tea services.



To help victims of the Tsunami orphans and celebrate the commemoration of March 11, 2011, a tragic event, organize Miyako on March 9 at her shop, a small flea market and offer Japanese specialties. On the menu: bento, onigiri, Japanese green tea cakes and tasting organic tea. The amount from sales will be donated entirely to orphans Iwate "Background Studies". This money will allow them to attend school and consider higher education.

Let yourself be guided by your appetite and have no remorse, it's for a good cause.

6 Rue Saint-Gilles, 75003 Paris
Metro: Chemin Vert
Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 19h
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Kiss Kiss

By | December 24, 2012

To prevent abuse of the winter and put a little pep in your lips, here is a selection of balms with bright colors and scents crazy. Coca Cola, chocolate, Vitamin Water, ice cream, everything is good to keep your smile turns into sandpaper.

Here are some links where you can find these lip balms:

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A tree that does everything

By | December 7, 2012

When you have a small home, it is difficult to have a giant Christmas tree with decoration worthy of Galeries Lafayette. What to do? Buy an artificial tree that smells like plastic, mini SAPINOU at the florist that can accommodate a Christmas ball (guaranteed savings)? No it is not, then my pencils and my graphics tablet to address and honor this holiday that I look forward to.

Here's a mix between the Christmas tree and Advent Calendar! 1m90 Layer, a horse that refers to the name of my street, two owls that are active in the task, I can not count the stars that I drew and 24 small numbered papers, not to mention the surprises boxes. Here are the top 6. On the menu: chocolates, wooden toys, Christmas decorations, nail polish, sweets and bracelet manufactured home. Everything is there to remember our toys of yesteryear. It only lacks the fire and the smell of Christmas cakes.

I will share my upcoming openings in the coming posts or within the next instagram!

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Noel Dior

By | November 13, 2012

And here again my favorite time of the year is the tip of her nose! The Grands Boulevards parents once again of their facades light (although Galeries Lafayette have disappointed me with their new decorations too shy and not at all in the Christmas spirit, at least in my opinion! Despite fir Swarovski deposited below their magnificent dome, it has no price). However, if there has a shop that makes me happy is the Spring and its partnership with Dior, for whom I have a special affection. The famous luxury brand is busy staging showcases themed mythical places in our City of Light. Thus one can find several paintings, some of which animated the help of miniature dolls dressed iconic styles House, reproduced with perfection reduced scale. Icing on the cake, you will find inside the middle of the store, to the Atrium, a pop-up store Dior who settled for parties and that made me crazy elsewhere. I wanted to buy everything, even the beautiful but useless stuff like Advent calendar that shows the shape of the store on Avenue Montaigne, the Mother House. For punishment, I am pleased by buying two nail their collection Diorific, na!

Brief. I love Dior.
My two varnish Diorific "Lady" and "Diorling."

To have a glimpse of the pop-up store: click here .

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Thousand Leaves

By | September 21, 2012

"When I think of all the books that I have read, I am sure to be happy again." Jules Renard

A good book, a café, a comfortable chair and a warm atmosphere are the essential assets for a relaxing afternoon. A mix to unwind and forget the stress of the job and finally enjoy reading break Aux Mille Feuilles. This library / tea room opened its doors a few months ago and it is a pleasure to accompany his literary research with smells of hot chocolate you tickling the nostrils, rather than stifling shelves of department stores.

"For Thousand Leaves" offers a wide range of books, children are welcome as a floor devoted to them with a space game each his reading! But one thing is sure, there is no age for teatime. How about a hot chocolate like no other and succulent sweets? A large wooden spoon, planted in a cube of chocolate, dip it in milk and you get a whole hot chocolate!

A tip for those who come Aux Mille Feuilles, you can leave your watch at home. Since we never see the time go for a good read, leave all the magic!

8 rue Marcel Sembat
78800 Coal
Tel: 01 75 26 24 16

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